Ok, finally an update on my doc. appt. Urine test for pregnancy still positive. Blood test for pregnancy still positive…Hg(whatever) levels at 1000 or a little more…basically still reading 6 weeks pg. Sonogram revealed “stuff” still in there…duh, I told you I was still bleeding and that it takes me at least 6 weeks to recover from a birth. Mostly old blood it looked like but uterine walls looked good and normal. They said they’d call with all the above info and then let me know if the doc wanted me to come in the following day for a “suction proceedure”. I didn’t thinkg that was necessary…but you know doctors…they can be kind of pushy. Since my blood test levels were still so high, sure enough, they wanted me to come in. The only times available were early morning but my dh has been working strange hours and I really need to coordinate things with him…my first excuse. Plus, my children are still not well…my second excuse. I didn’t mention finances were a problem (no insurance coverage) and that nearly $300.00 for *just the sonogram alone* nearly wiped out our checkbook (+ the $100.00 for just the visit, etc. itself. GAG!!!) Plus, I didn’t mention I flat out didn’t agree that I “needed” it. I did express that I’m very much a “non or low intervention” person and that I wanted to avoid this if possible (I don’t like the idea of causing my uterus “spasms” for no reason!). My “specimen” from Friday the 28th was sent in for testing (results should be back tomorrow.) Needless to say, I didn’t go back on Tuesday. I did leave a message in the evening after thinking it over saying I wouldn’t be and could the nurse call me back as I had a question. (I did want to know *exactly* what the proceedure would entail, etc.)

Tuesday some really annoying things were happening (non health related) so it was a pretty bummer day BUT the doc’s office did call back…guess what?! The doc had “thought it over” and if I really wanted to wait until the specimin test results were back to see what they revealed before I had the proceedure that would be fine!!! Well, thanks for agreeing with me! 😛 Really, four more days weren’t going to make that much difference if there are cancerous tissues, etc. there. They’ll have to go in to remove “stuff” anyway so removing a bit of blood a few days before really was not an extra “stress” on my body OR expense I needed!!!!

Anyway, I do have to go in tomorrow to have another blood test to be sure my Hg(whatever) (I really need to look up the exact name again…) levels are going down and not up (up would be an indication of tissues still remaining or growing). I’ll update on that tomorrow when I know.

Going over to my garden journal now to post something more pleasing to think about…