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Garden Update (plus a chickie mention)

Updated left sidebar.

I’m actually still working on getting a few more (4 or 5) of the squash and cauliflower transplanted into the boxes (hauling dirt at the same time as planting really slows things down! LOL) Also, the long box is mostly filled…still some room for some small things…but I need another big box for the squash and cauliflower. The new chicks (see main journal) are using our big square box from last year as a “corral” until my dh can get their portable pen done. So, if I use that the chicks don’t have anywhere to run…unless they run free…*not* a good idea! =8-0 I think since he’s so busy that I’ll try to hammer out one today myself (he was using power tools and I’d be using hand tools…so I don’t know…) or maybe I’ll chance it and dig some holes, amend the soil a little and put them directly into the ground. They’ll die anyway if I leave them in their smaller containers…if they don’t do well directly in the ground…well, oh well, at least I did all I could. It’ll probably be a couple of days before I get back here to say what I ended up doing…

Also, I want to put up current pics. So, much to do… 😉

May you and your gardens be blessed ’til next time!

Garden Journal updated!

I have made six consecutive posts this week…has to be a record for me! LOL 😀

Have to let the chicks out to run for a while before it rains. It’s been threatening to rain all morning…but hasn’t yet… The chicks are on the deck in the carrier cheeping up a storm! (hmm, a pun! ;-)) The taste of freedom they had for an hour or so the night we brought them home and then ALL day yesterday has them clamboring for more! So, need to do it while I still can…

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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