The lilac in the front yard is blooming!!! Yay! Will get pics in a little while.

Updated the left side bar again to reflect what I ended up doing. Ok, here’s what I did… Only one of the potato boxes ended up with a third “stack” so I took that off (hadn’t filled it up all the way as the potato didn’t grow up tall enough anyway) and put it in line with the others. I finally managed to fill it with enough dirt from a different part of the backyard and I squished 2 zucs and a cauliflower in there and one more caul. will go in in a few days (it’s still smallish unfortunately). That’s what I’m calling Box #1. The rest of the boxes are numbered and you can see how I divided everything over there on the side. I have 2 more caul. that are smallish also that I will squeeze into one of these boxes eventually also. I have two more zucs that are really small and I think I’ll just give up on them and add them to the compost. I hate to kill plants on purpose though…that’s why I like the “square foot method”. You only plant the number of seeds of the number of plants you want…maybe a few extra just in case of old seeds, etc….no thinning/culling is necessary.

Anyway, some people have “kitchen” gardens or herb gardens…this is our “snack” garden. There will only be enough here or there for a snack or perhaps a side dish or two with a meal but certainly nothing to store up for the winter. Well, except for the rhubarb and raspberries and mint.

Hopefully one of these days all the boxes we need and the permanent greenhouse, etc. will be all done and we won’t have to create it and grow it as we go. Oh how nice that will be! To be able to plan and actually have things to “put up”. This is not complaining really though as I love to garden period…love to dig and sow and water and see the new life…so I’m having a grand time despite grand unfulfilled expectations! 😉

Guess that about wraps up my planting for this year…except for a handful of stranglers. Now, to “maintain” the status quo and wait for things to ripen! 🙂

I’ll be back with maintenance updates I’m sure…