Swiss Family Robinson If you can grow it, pick it,
preserve it, or butcher it, you own it.
Otherwise, you do without. Youd prefer to live
off-grid from the power company, since youre
nearly self-sufficient already. You enjoy unit
studies for the way they utilize all facets of
life and truly incorporate life and education
as a whole, not as separate entities.

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?
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Yay! We’re the Swiss Family Robinson!

Well…Wanna-be’s anyway. We are resourceful,have experience and feel confident we would survive just fine in such a situation.

As for the unit-studies, we like them sometimes but I prefer something a little more linear and structured although I use it flexibly. Right now, I classify us as “Eclectic Classical”… Looking at the other results, we could be a combo with Galileo…”Galileo-lite” as we haven’t done anything with Latin although we do have and use the Greenleaf guides. That was a fun little quiz. 🙂

It’s finally raining. I said to dh this morning before getting up that, “I wish it would just go ahead and rain already.” Day after day of low oppressive grey clouds…ugh. Just rain and get it over with! So, now it is. I love how everything smells after a good rain storm. Mmmm. Ok, rain today get it out of your system Mother Nature and let’s get back to sunny weather! My garden is being stunted by this…

Many things to do of course. Never-ending laundry, bathroom and kitchen cleaning (I did my pantry at 10pm the night before!) and, now, cleaning out the carrier for the chicks and letting them out for a run…amongst other things…school work, sewing, etc.

Gotta run! A blessed day to all! 🙂