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As you can see, I decided to redecorate my room! LOL I may play around with it some more later…or not…or may go with something else altogether… This is just what I had time for tonight.

Time for bed! ‘Night!

I answered Marysue’s question about one of our chicks in the 6/13 post.

We had *beautiful* weather this weekend and enjoyed living outside! For Father’s Day yesterday, we took our first family hike of the season up our favorite mountain.

Today the weather is beautiful again…being outside is the order of the day. I’ll be doing some laundry of course and hanging it out. Probably will clean out the pool and put fresh water in, let it warm some and then we’ll “swim”…for those of us bigger, we’ll wade. 😉 Plenty of reading aloud too! Yay Summertime!

The garden and plants on the deck, etc. are all doing well. Grow, grow, grow!!! is what they are to do now.

Here’s a pic of our chickies:

If you hadn’t noticed, the photo album link in the left side bar was deleted. I’m working on a new album but it’s taking some time…haven’t had much extra of that. 😉 When I have a bit more completed, I’ll share it here.

Gotta run. The afternoon is slipping away…

A blessed week to all if I don’t get back here again soon! 🙂

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