Sorry I haven’t been by in a while… Things have been pretty “routine” and non-routine at the same time. Dh is working loooong hours. We’ve hardly seen him the past 2-3 weeks. “Make hay while the sun shines” as they say. The routine part is the keeping up with meals, housework, laundry and our read-aloud times. Usually, the children play outside all afternoon. The last couple of days have been rainy though so they’ve been in and we’ve extended our reading-aloud or quiet reading to ourselves…me included. (I’ve begun and finished a couple of books not listed in my right side bar.) I’ve also been working on some sewing not listed as well. Circumstances dictate that what used to be our quest/sewing room be turned into the master bedroom again. I have to clear out as much as I can. I inherited much scrap fabric and other things when dh’s grandmother passed away last year and I either have to make use of it or get rid of it. (Yes, I know I’ve mentioned cleaning up that room a couple of times at least…I get started on it and do well for a day or two and then I’m burned out again. This time, I’ve stuck with it most of the time you haven’t heard from me. 😉 ) Anyway, I’m hoping that I can make some stuff to sell as circumstances also dictate that supplementing our income is a necessity.

I’ve also been busy trying to come up with some sort of a schedule we can follow. Even though we have a routine, we need more than that. We seem to float in between times too often. And, while that’s ok for summer, I’m looking ahead to Fall and buckling down to more academics…adding another student…officially there will be 4! While I try to combine age groups within subjects as much as possible, in math and reading/grammar/writing/spelling (mostly) I’m not able to really. Just those few things x4 necessitates buckling down. I’m also feeling lax in my training the children in other things (girls in sewing, etc., oldest son in chores, etc.) and enjoying each other in other ways. Puzzles and games that are often ignored in the back of the closet ’cause Mommy and Daddy are “too tired”…plan a Family Night or something… I just know we could be accomplishing more in many ways and I’m bound and determined that we will! A more disciplined life for us all! My dh is not satisfied with how life is going right now either and he’s talked about how he misses his martial arts training for exactly that reason…the discipline it offers. So…lots I’ve been thinking about and trying to accomplish around here. Still haven’t made it into the garage much to work on the boxes out there…sigh… See! Priorities! Tired of being lead by the “tyranny of the urgent” and want to get a handle on many things in many ways… Being a “single mom” is really tiring though and it seems I go full steam all day with out much to show for it in the end. Well, it’s a matter of prayer and I know God will help us work it out. I’m just a little impatient in the process… 😛

Originally, I came by to update you all on miscarriage info… I had another blood test last Wed. Had to wait forever and then someone finally came out to say they couldn’t find their lab person. I guess they called someone up from the hospital lab downstairs to do it (I didn’t recognize her). Anyway, the nurse called Fri. to remind me to come in for one. Told her I came in Wed. and she said, “Oh! Well, I haven’t seen a lab report…I’ll have to track it down and I’ll get back to you.” Just heard from her a few moments ago (a week later). Hcg levels are down again…107 this time from 395. (I think I said 360 before…not sure where I got that number from because I specifically asked twice what the numbers were and that’s what she told me (395).) So, back for another one some time this week. Ugh. This is getting old. Mostly, it’s just hard to get there…with dh working all the time…we share a vehicle and he needs to watch the children. Anyway, it’s important to keep up with this with the cancer risk.

Sorry to ramble on so… Guess that’s what happens when I don’t check in frequently. Can’t believe it’s been a week!

Gotta run…

ps – Last night, we had a thunder and lightening storm! Pretty exciting (especially for the children!!!) as it is a rare occurance around here. As opposed to the Interior – they fight fires every summer started by lightening. I don’t remember any thunder/lightening for a while…had a bit a couple of years ago when our oldest son was 2 yrs. So for him it was particullarly grand! We *all* sat in front of the sliding doors though and enjoyed the show God put on for us! Wow, He’s the Best at “special effects”! He would be…being the Inventor and all! 😉