Everything is growing really well! We’ve had some cool weather lately so it’s slowed some things down, like the tomatoes and maybe the corn, but everything else is getting really big! I’ve only had to weed once and it took me about two minutes! LOL Love having garden *boxes*! 🙂

Last Sunday, I dug up potatoes in one of the individual boxes. One of the branches on the plant was completely yellow and wilted. I wasn’t sure if the plants had a definite life-span so I just dig them rather than risk losing them. I wish I had waited…there were about a dozen small potatoes growing nicely and a bunch of teeny tiny ones that would have all been sooo much bigger come September…but oh well. The plant still had a branch that was looking ok – just fine so it probably would have continued supplying those growing potatoes well. This was an experiment with these boxes anyway so I don’t feel *too* bad…

The lilac in the back yard bloomed wonderfully a few days after the one in the front yard and even more pleasing – it’s fragrant too! Last year, for some reason there weren’t many blooms and I didn’t really think they smelled. This year tons of blooms and the smell was heavenly! Yay!

Speaking of blossoms, our first zucchini blossom opened up yesterday and the second did this morning. The bush beans also have several blossoms that will probably open today…they looked like they were just beginning to last night. The peas don’t have any yet… The tomatoes have some but it will be another handful of days or so before they will be opening I think. My geraniums haven’t bloomed yet either. One took a hit and lost a major branch which I rooted and planted. Both are doing well but I didn’t expect that they would bloom this year. The other one though…looks great but hasn’t yet either. I think I’ll give it some Miracle Grow…that should help…the soils probably pretty worn out in that pot.

The turnip leaves are huge! The actual turnips are coming along nicely too… But those leaves! Wow, I forgot how big they can get. I’m looking forward to eating those too. 🙂

The Hollyhocks are coming along slowly. They are a perenial and I’ve never grown them before (started some last year that didn’t make it) so I’m not sure how far along they are supposed to progress this year. Perhaps next year is when they really get their height, etc. I guess I’ll have to do a little reading…

I found out what that stuff was I was calling skunk cabbage. It’s a wild celery – Angelica lucida – I believe. They are edible but…bleck…I’d rather starve I think. Especially if I’m allergic! LOL Anyway, that’s the closest I’ve found in an old Wild, Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska booklet I have. The illustrations are black and white…sooo it kinda looks right…but I’d rather have a nice clear full color photo to look at and compare to. More research would probably turn up what I want but I haven’t had the time.

That’s about all for gardening right now. “Grow, plants, grow!”, is all that’s left to say. 😉

Happy Gardening ’til next time!