The garden is doing well as are the other plants around the property. The raspberry bramble is definitely a *bramble*!! I got in there a little ways yesterday and was so very pleased to see large berries forming! Yay! I didn’t want to push my way in too much and break branches… Good excuse for not weeding it huh?! 😉 I do want to develop it into an English garden type area. As I’ve said, dh made paths through there and laid down rock and made a log/twig bench into one of the banks when he was planting the canes for me and transplanted one of the lilacs there… But, time…always a lack of it. Maybe next year…again…. I can’t wait to pick those berries though – Yum-Yum! 🙂

Still waiting for those tomato buds to open. Man, I think we are running out of time on those. I’m already noticing a slight decrease in our daylight (sun is setting around 11:30pm as opposed to 1am now 😉 ) and am getting that desperate “quick! enjoy the rest of summer before it’s too late!!” feeling. Ugh. Winters are tooooo long here.

Picked some more rhubarb today. The leaves on some of the stalks are *huge*! I’ve seen huge rhubarb before but easily and continuly amazed I guess. 😉 I’m estimating another 2 gallons as I haven’t quite cleaned and chopped it up yet.

I planted two more itty bitty lettuce plants in the garden boxes and two more (yes, just two 😉 ) radishes…they were “left overs” that I just couldn’t kill. They finally got big enough to do something with.

The lilac blossoms are all just about passed. They were so nice this year…I hate to see them end.

The Fireweed (abundant wildflower that grows here) is blooming like crazy now. So pretty out in the yard and I don’t have to tend it! The Master Gardener does that for us! 😉 It means that summer is winding down (sigh, another indicator 😛 ) though and when the buds at the top finally open it means we have 6 (?) more weeks ’til winter…so the “old wives tale” goes. Or, would that be the “Old Sourdough’s tale”?! 😉 LOL Which ever, it’s true for the most part anyway. It doesn’t seem long after the Fireweed is done blooming that the cool days/frosty mornings are upon us. Waaa! I need to get outside and enjoy this pleasant warm evening instead of thinking on this… Bye! 🙂

Happy Gardening ’til next time!