The weather has been absolutely splendid!!! Above 80&degF every day this past week (with one exception)! In fact, we’ve gotten so hot we’ve actually had to take breaks during the day and come in for a rest and story! Life is hard! LOL

The garden is loving it! Updated my garden journal…

I think I am finally over this whole miscarriage thing (physically)…and I do believe that was my cycle. Wed. no blood what so ever. Not even a trace. Thurs. some trace. Yesterday and today NONE! I did not go into the doc for a blood test this past week. Between the 4th and ds’s bday and dh’s work, it just didn’t work out. Plus, I’ll admit, I just didn’t feel like it… I really, really want my counts to be a zero and have the next time I go in to be my last for a while (if doc wants to monthly monitoring that is). And I just wanted to give myself time to complete bleeding without the pressure I knew would be subtley put on me. Anyway, it was hard emotionally but I got through it and had this physical stuff occupying my mind. Now, I’m going through some different emotionalness because of it. My midwife shared some of her personal experience with me though and was very supportive and this is to be expected. It’s not overwhelming or anything…just kind of a lingering sadness and despondency mixed with some thoughts of the future…and, well, just still working through it.

Of course, the other things going on in our lives contribute. Up and down, up and down. What a rollercoaster.

BUT, there are so many blessings we have too that one can’t stay down for long once we start to count them! And, with that I’m headed back outside! I’ve had plenty of time while rambling to cool down. 😉 LOL

ps – The oldest of our pullets are 2 months today! Hopefully, only 3 more months ’til EGGS! 😀