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Gardenย Update

Sunday and yesterday we picked our first and second turnips respectively. Mmmm, they were good! Ate both raw (sliced) and the greens for lunch and dinner on both days.

A tiny cauliflower was noticed on Sun. About the size of the tip of pinky then. About the size of a quarter now.

Tomatoes are blooming like crazy!

*Lots* of pea pods noticed (but not counted) of various sizes.

Still getting squash blossoms and there are a handful of little squash appearing so far.

The few radishes that are left will be ready to pick in a couple of days.

Cute little skinny bush beans are appearing.

Some of the hollyhocks are getting big…about 6 inches now.

Potatoes seem to be hanging in there…some of the other leaves are beginning to look yellowish though…hmmm.

The one older lettuce plant is doing well and we used a few leaves Sun. for our sandwiches. The other two are coming along sloooowly…

Mint is doing great as are the raspberries. New garlic is too.

Geraniums finally blooming! ๐Ÿ™‚

“Corn is as high as an elephants eye!” (from the muscial Oklahoma…correct?! momentary loss of memory…but I can hear the song in my head! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Ok, not really but it’s big for one who hasn’t grown it before…especially for being in pots I think. Don’t know where this is going but enjoying the journey! ๐Ÿ™‚

All I can think of or have time for at the moment…

Happy Gardening ’til next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brief update in my garden journal…

Btw, my last post was my 200th! ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest of Saturday evening was very pleasant…except almost losing the baby. =8-0 As I was making dinner, he wandered out onto the deck through the sliding door as one of his siblings went out. No biggy. Just asked them (the olders) to keep an eye on him as our deck railing posts are a little too far apart…and to close the babygate at the steps. I kept peeking out the kitchen window and all was well…until my elder son came in to use the bathroom. Even though he’s only 4yrs, he’s still pretty consciencous about his little brother and his protection. Anyway, the urge to go over road the thought of closing the babygate and it took me a minute or two to think about that possibility…ooops. Bad! It did dawn on me though and I rushed out to the deck to check on the baby. No baby! Sure enough, the brave little rascal had crawled off the deck and was playing at the plastic kiddy picnic table. Whew. So, my daughters notice and want to play with him…no biggy…he’s dirty now already anyway…and the picnic table is straight out the kitchen window anyway… Back to cooking. Oldest daughter apparently ends up not wanting to play whatever it was the others decided so she drifts away to swing. The younger daughter wants to make a mudpie for baby and gets wrapped up in what she’s doing and doesn’t come back. Middle daughter, a little distractable anyway, apparently sees one of the cats come into the yard and goes off to greet him and gets caught up playing with him. (I get the “full story” after the fact…) So baby, in the couple of minutes it takes all this to play out, after the final sibling “abandons” him, adventurous little soul that he is, takes off around the side of the house… The side the bears like to traverse back and forth to the neighbors (not that we haven’t seen them in the rest of the yard but mostly in the strip of trees on this side of the house and straight out back). Anyway, as I’m frequently checking out the window, I notice no baby again. Rush outside…”Who’s playing with the baby?” All answer, “So-n-so is.” at the same time. Huh, NO THEY’RE NOT! Call baby, run around the backyard looking in playhouses (he’s made a beeline there a couple of times), check behind logs and shed, check tall grass, run around the OTHER side of the house, check front yard and driveway, head to side of house bears like…there’s baby sitting next to the garage playing with a pebble and a leaf he’s found!!! Quiet as a mouse and enjoying himself immensely! Ack! How many grey hairs will crop up from that one?!? Five children and this has never happened before… First time for everything huh?! ๐Ÿ˜› Granted, I also didn’t have older siblings to “help” watch youngers. All were very much sorry for not protecting their baby brother…but I can only blame myself. So, baby stays in unless I go out too. Which was status quo until Saturday anyway…but it was so hard on him sometimes to be watching the others out there having fun…thus his easy “escape” because he does stand by the sliding door watching them. Anyway, THANK YOU FATHER for protecting my baby!!! (I’m glad he stopped where he did though and didn’t start down the hill to the driveway!)

Sunday was a wonderful day of finally getting to church and enjoying wonderful worship and fellowship with like believers!!! If you remember from a previous post, the host family for our home church is out of state until Aug. so we are meeting in a home a little over an hour away. With dh working so much, we just hadn’t made it out there yet. Four to five weeks I think since we’d been to church. (Had church at home as we’ve done in the past.) We have a church we were visiting off-n-on before this one with pretty much the same doctrine which is about 10-15min away but we haven’t really gone often enough to have “friends” there plus, being tuckered, we weren’t feeling outgoing so…we stayed home. Lame excuses I know. When life is crazy though some things give and being at home as a family for church was a comforting thing. But, guess what?! Another LOST child! Actually, she knew where she was…WE didn’t. ๐Ÿ˜› This time I can hold a child responsible! She left the yard of the house we were at with her two sisters and a couple of boys their ages and one a little older to play in a field behind the house. The came in a while later seeking water mentioned in passing where they were and since their fathers had been out there we (in the house) thought (or didn’t think depending on perspective) it ok. Actually, since my girls were in pretty dresses, I didn’t think they would go back. They did. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This time apparently they all went a little further…youngest daughter actually decided to turn around at the original point as she is cautious and was uncomfortable with where the others were going. Good for her! The oldest daughter turned around also for these reason although her comfort zone was a bit further out…probably because of age…but again, good for her! Middle daughter though went with the boys to a gravel pit that they had apparently frequented before as it was the older boys house that we were at and the other two boys’ grandparents. We all noticed they were “missing” when my dh said it was time to go and we did a quick mental head count to begin rounding everyone up. So, dh jumped in the ‘Burban and cruised the neighborhood and a couple of the other men (one being the daddy of the two younger boys) set out on foot to the field to call for them. I set out on foot in a different direction then my dh into the neighborhood as I saw another “fieldy” area they could have gone to. No children were discovered by any of us. So, now dh, I and another guy head out to the field behind the house to join the other two. Searching and calling, calling and searching. No children respond. One guy heads out toward the highway in the distance. Dh takes to a clump of trees between this field and another, one guy get his pick up to search a couple connecting back “roads” and me and the other daddy continue on through the field (not in orchestrated way but just working our way in that direction separated by a ways) and up over a bank to a gravel pit. Calling, calling, calling. Just as I had decided to step off the embankment and search the pit, I heard someone call to the other daddy and tell him they had been found. (Btw, I didn’t realize the “dust” around the edges of a gravel pit was so deep…it came up to my knees…you should have seen my white tights…ugh.) Anyway, much prayer was going up over those twenty minutes or so and we are sooooo thankful that they were answered in a “positive” way!!! They say they didn’t hear us calling…that they decided on their own it was time to return… Anyway, all were reprimanded by their respective fathers and the boys apologized to my husband for “leading his daughter astray.” Not necessarily those words but their apology was heart-felt and absolutely accepted by us! In fact, we were not in the least upset with them…but were at our daughter for not following “our family’s rules wherever we go” (we have a song we sing about this). She had been taught that she never ever leaves or does anything of that nature without first asking for permission. She’s been taught the “whys” too. A tremendous lesson for her!!! She shared with us her perspective of the whole matter and was a little frightened and very sorry and extremely thankful God kept her safe!!! ‘Nuf said.

To add to Sundays excitement, when we got home and changed our clothes, etc. it wasn’t long before the bear we suspected and sensed was hanging around (and gave our chickies a scare) showed himself. He came streaking through the backyard and was about to race up the rope swing tree when he noticed us out on the deck around it in close proximity and so continued on over a little hill to our western neighbor’s house. He was back a little while later after everyone was in the house washing up from a picnic dinner. I think he was watching us and came to see if we left any leftovers! (It’s bbq/grilling/eating-outside season…so I’m sure many of the other neighbors are having them hang around too…) Got some good pics this time.

Monday was uneventful thankfully. I was not feeling well. I think the heat and the chase and the excitement got to me from the previous day. Felt lethargic and headachey. So, inadvertently slept in and then spent the day trying to shake those cobwebs out of my brain. This meant not much got done…basically feeding everyone and cleaning up the kitchen each time. Read inbetween times. I think the children were feeling it too because they mostly wanted me to read to them too although the younger two did get in the pool for a little while.

Tuesday…same ole, same ole…housework, reading, playing outside. The cobwebs had cleared by bedtime the night before ๐Ÿ˜› so today we were able to play “catch up” and get more done. Laundry mostly but some other scrubbing, sorting and whatnot too. Dh worked late so I stayed up late a little wired reading. Ugh.

Wednesday, yesterday, I went to the docs in the morning. So, couple that with sleeping in from being up late, not much happened yesterday either. By the time we got home in the early afternoon, I just felt like the day was “lost”…just couldn’t get it together and focus on anything. Some laundry, cleaning the kitchen (of course), caring for the chickies (who’ve spent too much time cooped up – sorry for that bad pun! LOL – between Sun., Mon. and Wed.) – we put them in the shed and left the carrier door open so I had to clean up poop. We had thought of making part of the shed a coop but really wanted it to stay nice (read – poop free) so I really wanted to get it out of there before it “ruined” the place… Tried to get some sorting and organizing going with the “basement stuff” again…but like I said, just couldn’t focus. So a mish-mash unaccomplished feeling sort of day.

Now here we are to Thurs.(another week almost gone…). Another slow start as when dh is working late and I’m wired I just don’t sleep well and so I read ’til 1am or so. Alaska’s long daylight hours don’t help. Although we are used to them, they do make it easier to have a messed up schedule get even more messed up once that ball is rolling. If you aren’t feeling sleepy at 10pm, 11pm, midnight…it doesn’t help to still have it light outside. LOL Anyway, although I’ve been typing this while watching Mr. Rodgers and Martha Stewart with the children while eating, I’m feeling motivated and confident we’ll get “necessary” things done once we get to it and maybe some “unnecessary” like the park or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, with that I need run. I’ve written a novel today… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really intend to write more frequently which would mean fewer words per entry…but for some reason that record I reached a couple of weeks ago wasn’t a habit that stuck. LOL Will try harder! ๐Ÿ™‚

A blessed day to all!

ps – Thanks Christi for stopping in again and this time leaving a comment! Yay comments! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your continued prayers are so appreciated! I’ve been in that oppressive heat you’re talking of…no fun I know! Acclimation is an interesting thing though isn’t it?! I bet though that in the Spring, as things are *beginning* to warm up again, that 80&degF does feel uncomfortably warm when it first hits but then when it *really* starts to warm up it feels relatively cool. Too bad that period is short lived and the rest of summer months are spent with it so awful! I spent part of a summer very pg (elder son born 7/8) and it was routinely (more than this summer) over 80&degF then too. I was miserable… ๐Ÿ˜› Thinking of you and praying for His grace and mercy for you each day!

pss – Please excuse any grammatical errors and/or typos. I caught and changed a few but don’t have time for any others. I feel I need to make that disclaimer due to homeschooling… No, I ain’t a dunce and have the learnin’ to teach ’em proper! LOL If this were a college paper (or even a letter to a friend/loved one), I’d take the time to correct them all but, since it isn’t, all you blog readers suffer! (Probably in the time it took to type this “disclaimer”, I could have proof read and changed more. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜›

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