Sunday and yesterday we picked our first and second turnips respectively. Mmmm, they were good! Ate both raw (sliced) and the greens for lunch and dinner on both days.

A tiny cauliflower was noticed on Sun. About the size of the tip of pinky then. About the size of a quarter now.

Tomatoes are blooming like crazy!

*Lots* of pea pods noticed (but not counted) of various sizes.

Still getting squash blossoms and there are a handful of little squash appearing so far.

The few radishes that are left will be ready to pick in a couple of days.

Cute little skinny bush beans are appearing.

Some of the hollyhocks are getting big…about 6 inches now.

Potatoes seem to be hanging in there…some of the other leaves are beginning to look yellowish though…hmmm.

The one older lettuce plant is doing well and we used a few leaves Sun. for our sandwiches. The other two are coming along sloooowly…

Mint is doing great as are the raspberries. New garlic is too.

Geraniums finally blooming! 🙂

“Corn is as high as an elephants eye!” (from the muscial Oklahoma…correct?! momentary loss of memory…but I can hear the song in my head! 😉 ) Ok, not really but it’s big for one who hasn’t grown it before…especially for being in pots I think. Don’t know where this is going but enjoying the journey! 🙂

All I can think of or have time for at the moment…

Happy Gardening ’til next time! 🙂