More about last week…

Good stuff this time. πŸ™‚

Exactly a week ago last Wednesday, our baby started walking for “real”. The day I was so sick in bed he decides is the day to practice and practice and practice! He moved from taking a few steps every now and then to going at least 5-6ft at a time! He used the walls, furniture, people and whatever else was close by (if need be) to go all around the house by evening with hardly any crawling. The next day he was practicing turning around midway whereever he was going without holding on to anything. Over the next couple of days he was even squatting down to pick something up and then resuming on his way. Wow! I’m always amazed at this process. πŸ™‚ He’s slacked off a little yesterday and today. Crawling is still a bit faster at this point…but he’s definitely moved into that “toddler” stage. (sigh.) I won’t officially start calling him that until he’s 18mnths… I just have to hang onto his babyness a little bit longer. πŸ˜‰

I finished a great book while I was lying abed. A Lantern in Her Hand really tugged at the heartstrings… I don’t think I’ve read a book that made me shed tears like that in a long time. All mothers who have experienced hardship, unfulfilled ambitions and poured their lives into their children instead will indentify in some small way I’m sure with Abbie. I’ve put it on our book-wishlist for our home library as it’s definitely a book I’d read again. Spiritual truths are interwoven subtlely, naturally. In fact, the whole flow of the book gives one that sense of the natural flow of life and how time can seem to take forever and be gone in a blink of an eye at the same time. I’ve always been weird that way… Felt the “crush” of time very intensely even as a child so perhaps this element had more meaning and impact than it might have on another reader. At any rate, it’s good – you all should read it! πŸ˜‰

This week…

Sunday was a good day finally although my dh had to work most of the day. I had a great Bible time with the children, we listened to some bible songs and listened to a sermon. Then, we enjoyed some time outside. Perhaps all went well as I didn’t push chores… A day of rest you know.

Monday, the pleasantness continued. Again, I think it was because I didn’t push chores. We did the *very* basics and that was it.

Tuesday was rainy and we were in all day. Just the very basics for chores again. Read a lot…both silent and a loud.

Today like yesterday.

I’m beginning to get worried now as I see a pattern. If I’m not expecting anything except the very basics, I generally receive cooperation. Anything more than that, it’s like “pulling teeth”. Hindsight, I can see what led up to this… Getting passed it will be challenging to say the least. I’m praying it won’t be “painful” and I hoping we can get passed it soon so that it won’t interfere with picking up the pace on our academics in a few weeks. It will definitely take *a lot* of diligence and patience on my part…I covet prayers for a “meek and quiet spirit” for myself through it if anyone is inclined. πŸ™‚

Speaking of academics, we all are really looking forward to some fresh material! We usually resume a full schedule the day after Labor Day so it won’t be long now! Yay! πŸ™‚

Speaking of Labor Day, Autumn is just about upon us!!! 4 more weeks!!! Ack! We are in the finally stretch of summer… (sniff, sniff, sigh.) 😦 It always goes too fast. The Fireweed blooms are just about past and the grasses have their seed heads. We’ve also experienced some yellow leaves dropping this past week. (The trees haven’t truly begun to turn yet though…I think it mostly had to do with the heat and lack of rain we had…) The temps have taken a definite turn for the cooler. I could see my breath the last couple of mornings when I was putting the chickies out and my fingers got red and cold as I was cleaning their food/water dishes and filling them. (even bigger sigh.) I probably wouldn’t might it as much if my dh wasn’t sooo dang busy so that we could have more fun together hiking and stuff. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m so very thankful for the work he has. It’s just it’s “feast or famine” around here…he has so much work in the summer and the bills are paid and then in the winter we see him a lot but scrimp by…I’m just desiring some balance…) Also, there is so much to accomplish around the house that really depend on warm summer weather and we won’t have been able to enjoy them again for another year…like cleaning and oiling our logs and painting the trim and turning the front porch into an Arctic entry… That last one is a *necessity* as far as I’m concerned and to go through another winter with “tons” of children’s wet winter stuff crowded into the small entry and overflowing into the living room… Well, it’s just UGH! πŸ˜› I’d feel good about storing up and making ready the nest for winter if there wasn’t so much to possibly be left undone… But, hope springs eternal I guess…maybe, just maybe in the next 4 weeks we can accomplish those things at least…

Well, off to check the garden. I have a couple of zuchini ready to pick and I haven’t looked the raspberries for a while…they should be just about ready too.