I read the first Hornblower book a couple of years ago when dh got it as a gift. I hadn’t thought about them in a while but when we had to move things up from the basement because of the flood I got a chance to go through some books that came up and saw it and it reminded me I wanted to read the rest of the series. I’ve recently finished the second and now am almost done the third.

Dh brought a couple of entertainment mags home from where he was working and I breezed through them (even though they were from last Dec. ’03). Lo and behold! A&E was showing some Hornblower flicks on the 2nd! I just knew there had to be flicks out there based on them what with the trend over the last few years to bring period lit. to life – Jane Austen and Shakespear most noticably.

Anyway, now I’ll be on a quest to track down the Hornblower flicks. Per usual, they won’t be as good as the books…but they’ll be fun to watch anyway I think. That’s what I’ve thought of the J.A.’s at least. 🙂

ps – Yay! Our library has them! I restrained myself and only requested the first volume so as not to ruin the rest of the series for myself. 😉 It seems though that I’ve read them out of order… The book I’m reading out of had 3 novels combined so I assumed it was the first three. Obviously, I skipped the first having read it already. The second is the second but what I thought was the 3rd is apparently the 5th so… I’ve requested the third and fourth to fill in the blanks. There did seem to be quite a jump in action…now I know why! LOL It didn’t ruin anything but it left one wondering, “What happened in the meantime?” So, now I’ll “catch up” and have the fun of seeing if the film version stuck to the storylines or how much artistic license was taken… 😉