I was going through some magazines. They had gotten scattered around…some read and some not. I gathered them all up into a big pile yesterday and started going through them and purging. I caught this article in Better Homes and Gardens January ’04 edition:

“Darwin’s Fussy Eaters”

The next time the kids are fussing about eating anything other than Mac and Cheese, bear in mind that they may be hardwired to be picky. British scientists recently theorized that young children shun many vegetables and strange meats because of an evolutionary safeguard that protected them from toxic plants and food poisoning. Knowing this won’t convince them to eat broccoli, bout you can at least take comfort in the fact that it’s not your cooking.[emphasis added]

LOL LOL Did you catch that last line?! After I stopped laughing about that, I could only shake my head solemnly about the rest. I think our children may have a biological reason to refuse certain foods. I read somewhere (can’t remember where now) that their tastebuds are just more sensitive to foods with stronger tastes and that they have comparatively more of them than adults. As a person ages, the buds become more desensitized (especially if you like spicy foods) and begin to die off (like losing brain cells πŸ˜‰ ). Our sinful human nature comes into play often too…the urge to resist authority, wanting our own way, etc. A child can be trained in the areas of food. You can’t force someone to like something but you can instill politeness and consideration into them regarding food.

So…I strongly disagree with the above article. What do you think?