We were out of town over the weekend. Our chickens went with us. It was unusual to be hearing cluck-clucking coming from the back of the ‘Burban throughout the drive. LOL They didn’t seem fazed in the least. I’ll be glad when we have a secure coop though and then I can feel easier about calling a relative or friend to come care for them if need be while we are away.

Anyway, we got home in the wee hours this morning and I’ve been groggy all day…even though we all slept in. The children worked with me to try to get some laundry caught up and empty the *full* sock basket. We also cleaned up the hallway/entryway which also has some bookcases that they organized. It wasn’t much today and yet, we are all worn out. Been dragging all day so even this little bit took momumental effort. Sigh. So, we’re done for the day. Having a quick bite to eat then heading outside for the rest of the afternoon/evening. I’ll probably doze in a deck chair after attempting to read one of the numerous books on my list. LOL (I started another while away! LOL For some reason, I feel this drive to have several books going at once. 😉 This one is really funny though. A nice light change for a change! 🙂 I’ll probably share more about it tomorrow…the sunlight has been awastin’ all day while we pokedly tried to get through our meager chores. *Big Sigh* Not much of it left these days… 😦 )

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! A blessed week to you all! 🙂