Our littlest guy had a mishap yesterday…his first to really hurt himself.

He tripped while toddling around and literally came near to slicing off a portion of his tongue with his teeth. Chomped right down on it and went all the way through along the edge on the left side near the front. If it had been a little closer to the front, he could have bit the end off. 😦

He wouldn’t let me open his mouth when it happened and he was gagging…I was praying he wasn’t swallowing it!!! I gave him some water and, since it was close to his naptime, I let him fall asleep in my lap where I could comfort AND monitor. Since he was sleeping, I was able to get his mouth open and look at the damage… sigh. It’s about a half inch wide and, again, goes all the way through along the edge. 1/2 inch doesn’t sound like much maybe for an adult tongue but on his little one it looks big!! Medical info I found said to apply a cold compress…which was out of the question…and to monitor bleeding. If the bleeding didn’t stop, get to the hospital asap. The bleeding slowed down eventually and, now the next day, has stopped…unless he “bumps” it. Last night, he had this miserable look on his face but managed to eat dinner ok. You could see that he moved the food to the other side of his mouth to chew and did so carefully. By bedtime, he was toddling around and gabbering although rather “thickly”. Sleep is a good thing for him right now – to keep the piece of tongue “compressed” against the rest of it for healing. His long nap yeseterday and night’s sleep has made him a cheerful, if still hurting, boy! πŸ™‚ His “speech” is still, understandably, “thick” but he’s going to be just fine. πŸ™‚ He’s a tough one (compared to my others) to get to rest…not as easy to fall asleep or stay asleep…so, we’ll see. Please pray for a quick healing and comfort for my baby!

On to other news. It’s raining today. Quite heavily. But, that’s good. We really need it. Hot dry conditions have led to many forest fires further north and a lingering haze even here where we live. Health advisory warnings for poor air quality conditions were issued once or twice at least.

We tried to feed the chickies the slugs again a couple times yesterday afternoon but they still refused. Does slug quality change from early summer to late summer??? LOL Oh well. What to do with the slugs now…? I don’t want to let them go to possibly find their way into my garden but then it seems cruel to let them die in a jar. Wish the pullets would eat them! Humph.

So, since it’s raining, we’ll be inside today. Haven’t thought about how that will change the agenda today but I’m sure we’ll try to catch up the laundry and read quite a bit. I still have the perpetual sorting/packing/storing or pitching to do therefore I may spend some time in the garage with those boxes. Man, I’ve really managed to put off that unpleasant task haven’t I?! Winter’s coming though and we need to use the garage for what it was meant for – parking! I guess if I have to be “forced” to do it so be it. I really dislike procrastination…but I’m really good at it when it comes to some things. πŸ˜› LOL

Ok, that little pep talk motivated me! I’ll sign off now and get to it! πŸ™‚

A blessed weekend to all!