Here is an info link for the wildfires here in AK:

ADN article

Here’s a pic of the haze in our area (mtns behind our house) in the morning of 8/16/04. (We didn’t get one later when it was thicker.)

Since the rain yesterday, we have fluffy white clouds again scattered here and there and blue skies.

The night temps are definitely cooler. It was a bit nippy feeling when I let the chickies out earlier and the dew look “suspicious” enough for me to bend down and touch it. I knew it couldn’t be frost but I felt compelled to check anyway. 😉 Then, I checked the thermometer…47 ° F.

Once again we are on the down hill slide…

Update @ 11:00am:

Now it’s just pure blue sky. I know we have the garage to clean…but I’d really like to go get more berries too… What to do, what to do? 😉