The garden is ok. We pulled a cauliflower. The flowers were starting to grow uneven but I was waiting hoping it would “fill out” more. It never did and the stalks got kinda “woody.” Oh well. We steamed and ate it anyway.

My tomato plants decide to flower out nicely and there are many green ones of various sizes out there. Not as good a crop as last year due to my waiting too long to start them in the house…but at least we have some.

The corn is doing something!!! Despite being in pots. Two of the plants so far have “tassles.” They are really pushing it to produce “fruit” before the cold weather gets here…but I’m rooting for them!!

I took another zuc out – a small one this time as I caught a slug doing a number on it. We have a few more that medium to large that I’ll get in the next couple of days probably.

I noticed another of the potato plants has died so I’ll need to dig those potatoes up soon. Wish the rain would quit long enough for me to do it without getting wet…