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Doc appt. tomorrow

Speaking of bright and early… πŸ˜‰ I have a doctors appt. at 7:30am tomorrow morning for another ultrasound to see (hopefully) what is going on. Please pray.

Well…that’s a fine “howdoyoudo”!!!

Humph. We made a big jump and watched Hornblower dvd #7 last night. (#’s 3 – 6 weren’t in at the library and dh couldn’t wait πŸ˜‰ ). I’m a little vague as it’s been about 3 yrs since I read the first book but I’m fairly certain that the movies were sticking to the book storyline very well. Although we’d watched only the first two based on the first book, I’m confident the second two (still based just on the first book) were going to continue so.

I can’t say if #’s 5 and 6 do…

But absolutely #’s 7 and 8 do not!!! At the beginning of the third book, he is in the middle of taking his marriage vows to Maria (which is a week later – from the ending of the second book). He’s receives orders during his marriage dinner that he has been given command of the Hotspur and sails two days later. I’m almost finished with the book but at this point it’s been 7 months, Maria is expecting their “Honeymoon” baby, etc., etc. At the end of dvd #7, which is presumablely the end of this book, he is just asking her to marry him!!! Totally detracts from the pressure, stress and concern he feels during his missions…having a new wife he doesn’t know (well) having her first pregnancy without him there and soon to have a child which Lord-knows how long it will be before he meets. Ugh!!! Then, the missions are totally changed, important scenes where some people are hurt and killed aren’t included…!!! I could go on…but I won’t.

Suffice it to say, I’m terribly disappointed. The movie is really good if you haven’t ever read the books. It can stand on it’s own as wholesome entertainment for the family. WARNING though – if you intend to read the books, do so AFTER you watch the movies, if you are anything like me. I couldn’t stand to see them butchering a great piece of writing like this! Hornblower’s adventures and personal relationships (not just w/ Maria) are wonderfully exciting and heartfelt without twisting them like this. After the mission with the semaphor, I just sat there with a grumpy look. They also didn’t portray Hornblower’s MIL in the way I perceived her in the book. Yes, she’s a bit of a biddy but she is nicer to him than the movie shows as she likes the “pestige” he has the potential of. While I could appreciate the movie for it’s own sake, my heart just wasn’t in it for the rest of the flick. I kept explaining to dh how that wasn’t right and this wasn’t right…he finally asked me to be quiet so he could enjoy the movie. πŸ˜› (Maybe that’s partly why I was grumpy?! He wasn’t sharing in my disappointment…?! πŸ˜‰ )

I thought this latest case was a two dvd set. It isn’t. So, I guess we’ll have to wait for the final installment to come in at the library. That’s ok with me. I’d rather stick to the books from now on… :

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