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Good News!

A big thank you to all who have been praying for me…you all can heave a big sigh of relief with me now!

**It seems that we have again been blessed with a new little one!**

That has been my intense prayer this past week…to be blessed and not cursed!!! We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father and consider this just the “cure” I/we needed!

Everything looks “normal” (yolk sac, uterine lining, etc.). No heartbeat yet so we suspect I’m only 4 weeks. I was hoping to be 5+ weeks so I could be reassured by seeing the heartbeat today…alas not. Back again I’ll go in 3 weeks for an ultrasound for that confirmation. Then, the doc said he’d release me from his care to see my midwife!

We see this too as a great testimony to those within the doctors office and family/friends/aquaintenances. The doctor has, of course, been very concerned and started talking of a D&C, radiation, etc. again right off but then recalled the nurse had asked if I started my cycles again (as it wasn’t written – part of our verbal conversation last week via phone). I had 2 in July and none in Aug. so dh and I have suspected it for a couple of weeks. Anyway, with the possibility of a pregnancy, the doc said, “Well, let’s pray…” Then his voice trailed off as he realized what he was saying and then corrected himself and said, “Let’s hope it’s a new pregnancy.” This is actually the doc I’d seen with our first child (before we began using a midwife) and I remember our conversations regarding genetics, abortion, etc. from way back then. He was pleased to have someone in his office that didn’t want amnio and would never selectively or otherwise abort, etc. In fact, he said it was a “breath of fresh air.” I think he’s Christian (I’ve never come right out and asked) and he has at least 4 -5 children himself. I don’t think he is *as* “conservative” as we are but you can just tell he is happy to meet a woman/family that thinks as we do. Of course, I said today what a blessing this is and how very pleased we are – not anxious, not “bummed”, etc. about adding to our brood. I feel a little funny going against the medical grain but am thankful to be shedding a positive light on having and raising children. Many opportunities have come from this in fact. Just last week I got to discuss the joys of a large family with the tech taking my blood who had two and started expressing how many people feel these days…how she’s too overwhelmed with just the two she has, how she would be too tired, too impatient, etc. It turned out very pleasantly and I believe she was encouraged. 🙂 It’s neat really to not have been in his office for years and to come back with many children and a positive attitude! And, to be a positive reflection on midwifery and homebirth!

Well, I’ve ramble long enough. I’m just so excited about what God has done! What has seemed a tough trial is really being used by and glorifying God. Praise Him!

Thank you all again for the support and prayers you have offered for us! It’s made a difference. 🙂

Hollyhock blooming!

Finally, finally, finally! One plant has had three buds on it that have been big and looking like they would open any day for about 2 weeks now. I haven’t been spending much time outside as it’s been awfully rainy lately…so I suspect this one probably opened a day or two ago. Just beginning to spread it’s lovely light pink and white petals! 🙂

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