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It warmed up nicely this afternoon to the mid 60s at least. Hotter in the direct sun. Felt so good! 🙂 None of the plants seemed to have been affected too bad. The leaves on one zuc plant were wilted a bit but the frost didn’t kill it…so I left everything. Another of the Hollyhock plants has buds too. Hoping it doesn’t frost again…for a week or two or more anyway… I know. Wishful thinking. 😉


Ack! The temp when I got up this morning was just a touch below 32&#176F. I’m not ready…not ready at all! I was hoping it would be another week at least. I checked the forecast a couple of days ago and the low for the next week was only supposed to be 41°F. Well, there you go. That 10° difference – colder this time.

I’m so bummed because my one Hollyhock was just blooming (see garden journal → ). Looks like I’ll be gathering the last of the veggies out there…3 *big* zucs and a few small ones, the potatoes from the last two plants, some mint…and whatever else. It’s clear skies right now (finally!) so when it warms up this afternoon I’ll be out there turning things under and mulching.

The poor chickies are still waiting for their coop! They were fine huddled together I’m sure…but they were probably noticing how nippy it was nevertheless! My dh is swamped all day today but I think tomorrow afternoon (it being Sunday!), hopefully, we can get it finished. Speaking of chickies, they had a little scare last night (and so did we! 😉 ) The children were just finishing up dinner and eldest child was clearing her space and glanced out the sliding door on her way by and gasped and then her sister ran to see and gasped and then they both ran to get a parent! 😉 “Mother! Daddy! There’s a…huge bird sitting on top of the playhouse…and all the chickens are out…and it looks like it wants them!!!” Dh and me came from different directions (nearly colliding in the hall 😉 ) and raced to the door (dh grabbed the pistol on his way). There on top of the playhouse was a *beautiful* and *big* brown and white hawk. Flung open the door and he continued to sit there staring at the chickies which were literally three feet directly below him! The poor things had escaped through a gap under the wire around the playhouse and were hundled at that same place desperate to get back into their “yard” and into the safety of their playhouse…all but one actually. Of course, we didn’t want to shoot it and I was trying to reach around dh for my “outside” shoes which were on the deck by the door as I said, “Just throw something at it.” At the same moment I’m saying it, he reaches down and grabs one of my shoes and pitches it across the yard at the hawk!! LOL I didn’t want to race across the soaking wet cold yard in my barefeet so it’s good the the flying shoe scared him. 🙂 While the shoe was flying through the air, the chickies made a break for it and ran into the *other* playhouse to safety! LOL We sent a child who already had shoes on to retreive mine and then all I had to do was shut the door on the other playhouse and then transfer them one by one – 5 not 6 – into their playhouse. Where was the other chicky? Still in the chicky playhouse resting in the grass in a corner wondering what all the excitement was about!! LOL Literally, she looked at me like, “Man! WHAT is going on?!?!” LOL We wish now we could have gotten a picture of the hawk but there was no time to think about that at the moment it was happening…just save the chickens! 🙂

I better get moving and get a fire going to warm this place up. It’s not just pleasantly chilly this morning Marysue…it feels downright cold! 😉 The children are sleeping in a little later after having to get up a lot earlier than they are used to yesterday to get me to the doc’s and then were up late as we went with dh to help him with some work. I was still up early – yay me! 🙂 6:18am. The alarm began going off at 6am and I only hit snooze twice. 😉 I have to admit though that after I got dh’s clothes ready for the day and started a load of laundry, I came upstairs to read…and promptly dozed off. LOL I caught another 20min. and feel great now. 😉 When I woke, I promptly got up to make myself some warming tea lest I enjoy the warmth of my quilt a little too much and fall asleep again. That’s when I noticed the frost on the deck…*big sigh*. That made me think about indeed crawling back under that toasty quilt…but here I am! LOL The tea hit the spot, but again, I *really* need to get the fire going!

With that I’m off! Hope all the readers of this here blog have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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