(or begging of Autumn – whichever way you want to look at it 😉 ) will keep us from attending church today. The children all have various degrees of stuffy heads, runny noses, sore throats and general malaise. So, we’ll all cuddle on the couch in a little while (they’re all still sleeping right now) with an appropriateTraditional Medicinal tea and have a mini-worship service here at home.

While everyone is still sleeping, I’m going to squeeze in a quick QT as I slept in today.

I forgot to mention Friday that there was “termination dust” on the mountain tops…it’s only a matter of “how much time?” ’til it reaches us… It dropped down to freezing again last night. Frost on the back of the deckchair furthest from the side of the house. I’ll check my garden when the temps warm up a bit more out there. 😉 The plants closest to the side of the shed, of course, faired better yesterday but they can’t take night after night of this…

Hope everyone has a blessed Lord’s Day! 🙂