Yesterday morning, about 8am I guess, I heard a coyote yipping and howling…very close. Interesting. First time I’ve heard that in the 7 yrs we have lived in this particular house. Started seeing one beginning last winter. Brought back some childhood memories as we heard them “all the time” where and when I grew up. Wolves too…sometimes right out the back door. Our city has really spread out in the last decade+ that I’ve lived here. Moving up into the mtns more…encroaching farther on wildlife territory. Thing is, here in AK, it’s all around us. We are right up against it all the time. It’s not like the States where most wild stuff was driven out (for all intents and purposes) long ago. Even driving through the most “country” of places down in the Lower 48, there is still evidence of civilization where up here we still have vast tracks of land that are relatively untouched/no evidence of human-kind. More and more people are moving here and less and less moving away (of those that have been born and raised) so the “pristiness” is decreasing but it’s still a “rustic” place to live for the most part despite our modernity and cultivation. (We don’t live in igloos or get around by dogsled (at least not here in town 😉 ), have the latest in technology and styles, our theatre has top current dramatists, orchestras, dance, etc.) But, many people still like their log cabins, older vehicles, hunt and fish for subsistance, etc. Interesting cultural mix we have here.

Anyway, miss those things (associated with a more rural lifestyle) and hoping harder for a country/remoter parcel of land in the (nearer) future.