No, this isn’t SNL… 😉

It was decided that we just weren’t prepared for the whole family to go. Amongst the things I listed before, all the snow gear was packed in the shed and it would have been foolish to not have it with us “in case”, etc.

As it turns out, my parents were tentatively supposed to go on a hunting trip and because of the miserable weather decided not to go. They were intending to stop in after their hunt anyway but that wouldn’t have been until this evening or Mon. evening. So, we (me and the children) were available and they came late Sat. afternoon/evening and we were able to have a nice dinner and visit.

It also turns out that that dh got to the texture portion of the job he was doing on our friends house and it had to, obviously, dry thoroughly before going on to painting, etc. He came home late Sat. night. The weather had turned warmer and the snow was melting and it was raining so even though it wasn’t the best of weather at least it wasn’t still snowing or icy conditions and so the driving wasn’t bad.

So, it all turned out well. Sometimes you are just left stumped and wondering but mostly it’s because of conflicting feelings getting in the way. Once you settle that you just have to do what you have to do and accept it, it’s easier to see the whole situation in the proper perspective and more clearly.

We have had a delightful Sunday enjoying each other’s company – husband and grandparents included!! 😉

Hope all of you have a good one too! 🙂

A blessed coming week to everyone! 🙂