with the last blood draw, I was supposed to have tests for Celiac run. Well…the lab “forgot.” I was billed for it though so I have a choice of going in again for another draw or having my account credited for that amount. Since I really wanted those tests run “while I was at it”, I’m going to arrange to go back in some time this week. At that time, I will hopefully be far enough along to have a doppler to hear the baby’s heartbeat rather than an ultrasound…finances being a definite driving factor.

I’ve actually become a little fearful the last few days as I don’t *feel* as pregnant as I think I should be feeling. In other words, I’m not feeling as nauseous as I think is normal…which is actually normal *for me*…but coming on the heels of the molar which made me very much nauseous often…it just has me a little worried. Does that make *any* sense?!?! LOL Fatigue is and has been my down fall with all of my pregnancies – even with the molar. I get morning sickness with my pregnancies but I’m blessed in that it never seems to have been as bad as other women say their’s is. Smells usually get me…but this time, not really. That adds to my “concern.” I know I’m running, “What if?” through my head and I’m really trying not to. It’s been a tough week +…especially with dh gone so much. Every day…every hour…every minute…I’m struggling with taking my thoughts captive and putting on biblical ones. There is so much going on here (that I’ve only touched on in this blog) that compounds it…

Anyway, I’ve been praying fervently the last few days that it is God’s Will that this be a “viable” pregnancy and that my fears will be proven unfounded… If you want to join me in that, I certainly would appreciate it.