Wow. This year is flying by!

September went out with a bang and October came in with one.

The last day of Sep. the flooding peaked and has maintained the same volume. I’m not waking up every hour on the hour to pump it out like I did in the Spring so in the morning there is nearly an inch of water covering the entire floor. That’s about 1200 square feet. It’s takes a little more than an hour with both pumps working to pump it all out. Then, it’s a struggle during the day to keep it that way as I forget amongst everything else. It hasn’t rained for a couple of days. That’s good. But, the forecast says more rain coming. That’s bad. Bleh! πŸ˜›

The chickens have been in their semi-finished coop for a week now. We had one day of sun Fri. so I put them back into the “playhouse pen” for some basking and grass eating. They were very happy about that. I think they wondering, if chickens wonder ;), why they are “cooped” up now. Hopefully, my dh will finish the coop up soon and they will have more room to move around. I didn’t think this was going to be such a tough thing to get done… πŸ˜›

October 1rst came in with a bang in that dh entered the garage early in the morning to discover one of our cats with a stick sticking straight out of his eye!!! He came in and told me about it and, in my pregnant state, I nearly lost a breakfast I hadn’t eaten yet. He said the cat was purring as he talked to and petted him. There was a couple of minutes while dh decided what to do then he asked me to come help him so he could pull it out. I’m sorry to say I just couldn’t bring myself to… I know. What a wimp. Usually I can handle these things rationally. When the other cat got his leg stuck in the garage door and was hanging from it, I handled that all by myself. But, pregnancy makes my normally hard stomach weak and I just couldn’t. Dh brought the cat into the bathroom and wanted me to just stroke him gently and keep him calm (with my eyes closed if necessary) so that he could pull. Sigh. I ended up disappointing him but he was able to do it much more efficiently without my help. πŸ˜‰ The stick was about a quarter inch in diameter and 2 inches long with about an inch poking into his eye. We think he may have miscalculate while stalking…or the wind blew it into his way while pouncing… At any rate, he has been in good spirits, eating and drinking well and out hunting still. His eye is flattened but not gone. We’re thinking it may regenerate…not all the fluid was lost in there, etc. His eyesight certainly won’t be the same…but so far you can’t tell and probably won’t as he’s compensating well already.

While I’m updating, youngest dear son’s tongue is now completely healed. There is definitely a demarkation line between the old and new flesh. I’m not sure if there will be a scar. There seems to be a fine line where the very edge didn’t come together completely. Not sure if that will clear up or not. He still won’t let me open his mouth and get a long clear look but near as I can see it looks all healed.

Dh is gone again this weekend…so between the few animals we have, the children, the housework, the extra housework (with the flooding) and some business stuff, I’m feeling quite busy…trying not to feel out of sorts. πŸ˜›

I made some changes here as you can see. Hope it’s better for all of you. Valerie – are my enteries still being cut off on your end?

I’m going to run and finish a couple of projects. Hope everyone has had a blessed weekend and Lord’s Day with their families! πŸ™‚