Oh Wow! I’m so totally amazed!

I went out to plug in the chickens light a few minutes ago and on my way stopped to pet the kitties…

The injured eye looks totally normal!!!

Amazed…and so thankful! I love both our kitties but I admit I’m a little biased toward this one because he’s so pretty. A creamy white with tabby orange/tan-ish brown ears and a tabby tail and fluffy (although not long haired) with the prettiest light blue eyes. Unique really and just very pretty imo!

What a good start to the day!

That and I had a long snuggle in my bed with my littlest one! (I stayed up late reading last night as I couldn’t sleep and have, of coarse, slept in. 😛 ) Warm fuzzies all over! Which is so nice…I need them so much… 🙂