We finally have snow…to stay that is. Since the first snowfall, we have received a couple of “dustings” but this time it’s cold enough and late enough that it’s here to stay I’m sure. We’ve had odd years where the snow was later than this or no snow…but I’m not holding my breath. It began snowing a little after 11pm last night and snowed at various rates throughout the night. Around 4:30am this morning it was coming down pretty fast but right now it’s hardly coming down. I haven’t listened to the forecast for a couple of days so I don’t know how long it’s supposed to keep it up. There’s about 2 inches out there right now.

I finally finished Endurance. I’m glad I persevered and got all the way through this time. It was a good book. First person account by Shackleton’s second in command of both (later) attempts to make it to the geographical South Pole. (Meaning, Shackleton was “the Boss” as Worsley called him of the entire operation and Worsley was actually captain of the ships.) The climate and physical hardships the men of these expeditions had to endure are incrediable. No wonder I couldn’t finish it the times I was pregnant and it was the dead of winter! LOL It’s enough to be living in a moderately (relatively speaking 😉 ) cold climate and taking precautions besides having to read about worse! Worsley’s comparisons of the Arctic and Antarctic are interesting and the short description of his service in WWI in northern Russia added more. He gives a glowing account of Shackleton’s character, endurance and bravery…but I think he deserves just as much credit as do the men who followed and made these expeditions happen. Shackleton’s leadership skills are definitely admireable…there aren’t many men who could hold everyone together so well and keep them alive. Lesson’s worth observing and learning for our young men of today.

I’m still absolutely puzzled though *WHY* anyone would want to do such things?! LOL Dh has a relative that summited Mt. Everest. That puzzles us too. 😉 His account is facinating but “why” is still beyond us…even to my husband man of adventure that he is. 😉 (I read him large portions of the book.) To conquer the natural elements because *you have to* is one thing but to seek it out is quite another…