It pretty much quit snowing late Friday afternoon and resulted in 6 1/4 inches of snow. It snowed a touch off and on over the last two days accumulating in another half inch or so. It’s snowing pretty heavily out there again starting about a half hour ago. Measurement of the snow on the railing read 7 inches. So, whether that was the ending for the last “storm” or the last half hour of this one add that little bit, I’m not sure. Regardless, last measurement is 7 inches…and counting. 😉

We had a very nice Reformation Day yesterday. Our small home church had a potluck get-together and then we had related games for the children, bible memory/catechism drill and musical presentations from them. A “Papal Bull” pinata was even made by one of the families. 😉 All are homeschooled so it was a good way for them to show the knowledge they have gained, practice public “speaking” and just have a good wholesome time with like-minded friends and family. Reformation Day is now chalked up as one of the top three holidays for us. 🙂

Happy November btw! Cravings for Turkey dinner and all the trimmings have started! Oh so much to be thankful for in every way! 🙂