Hmm…I may be farther along than we thought. I ended up having two cycles in July following the miscarriage. The ultrasound that followed showed me at what we thought was 6 wks along and the doc was going off of the first day of the very last cycle. I measured 18 wks today. Granted, growth spurts happen. But, midwives have to be sure. The other possible edd time frame is a whole month sooner…the beginning of April rather than May. They tried the fetal scope but couldn’t pick anything up with it. They said they can hear heartbeat with it (rather than the doppler) beginning at 20 wks…so they will be back next week…and the next until we detect it with that. That will help narrow things down a bit more. Just when you think it’s all figured out… 😉 No worries though! After all, there is a strong heartbeat! 160 bpm today. 🙂 The oldwives tale (in hindsight) runs true for our children…but I won’t make a prediction based on one recording. By the end of this pregnancy, I think I’ll have a good idea… I may or may not share it though. 😉 For my own records, specific gravity was too high and ketones were off a little. Drink more H20 and eat more. 😛