I’m so excited!

Just a few days ago I was over at Marysue’s blog lamenting the fact that we most likely were not going to get any eggs until Spring for various reasons when lo and behold! LOL

I went out about a half hour ago to check the chickens for the night and was just about done and almost missed the egg on top of the nesting boxes! I was feeding and watering them late and for the first time today because we have a “sick” one and I wanted to make sure they were good and hungry/thirsty because I wanted to be sure they all got a “healthy” dose of apple cider vinegar water. The sick one has had a “runny” nose for quite some time and loose stools. I’ve kept an eye out for blood in the stool and so far none. That’s good. But, neither of the symptoms has gone away and it just dawned on me the other day. Actually, I hadn’t noticed mucous from her nose for a while but, obviously, it hadn’t gone away. Anyway, I’m trying the vinegar and I’ll be feeding them all some plain active yogurt and maybe some fresh garlic too if dh remembers to pick them up…

Anyway, I was finished feeding and watering and was debating whether I wanted to “freshen” up the nesting boxes then or wait until tomorrow and was inspecting them closer when I finally noticed this light colored “blotch” on top of the boxes and looked more closely. A rubbery shelled broken egg! But, an egg never the less. πŸ˜‰ It looks like it would have been perfect if the shell hadn’t have been soft…a nice size, not too small but not quite a medium either, and nicely shaped from what I could tell. It had a definite “peck” hole and was broken in two. Looks like a bit of yolk might be gone but not much was eaten if so… Bummer. Again, it looked to have been a “perfect” egg except for the softness.

I have no idea when it was layed as I left their light off as I wasn’t going to be feeding them and wanted them as inactive as possible so they wouldn’t be too restless in that small coop. So, I didn’t even bother to look in on them all day. Actually, I think their light had been on all night and dh unplugged it some time after we had church (stayed home and listened to a sermon, etc. here) and before he ran an errand which would have been around noon. And, since it was daylight and some light would have been seeping in, they wouldn’t have totally felt it was night time. It could have been layed any time late the night before – had to have been late because they were let out for a run until dark as it was warm enough and then were fed close to bedtime without an egg being there – or any time all day yesterday. Also, I don’t have a clue as to who laid it… All of them have nice bright combs, etc. The intensity has varied since late Summer/early Fall. I have a hunch that it may be our “Araucana” though because the shell was a very, very light green/blue and she’s the only one supposed to lay that color. Interesting because she’s the youngest of the flock…

I feel like keeping an all day “vigil” tomorrow to see who it is and make sure it doesn’t get pecked at. Alas, with Thanksgiving this week (and another visit from the midwives), I have too much to do. πŸ˜‰

I am going to be putting them on a better light schedule…up ’til now it’s been haphazard at best. Sometimes on 24 hrs for x # of days when the temps drop below 30°F Sometimes turned off all day. Not plugged in or unplugged at set hours, etc. So, tomorrow, I’m getting up at 6am and plugging in their light (the temps are warm enough that I’ll have it off tonight) and leaving it on until 8pm. Actually, it will help me be more consistant with my own wake times at least! πŸ˜‰ I also plan to check every half hour for eggs. (Yes, I’m hoping for more than 1! πŸ˜‰ )

Yay!!! Our first egg! πŸ˜€