It was as I thought. We got a second egg! But, it was laid late last night. We had gone on an outing and didn’t come home until a little after 9pm. I checked the coop before going into the house and there was no egg. Then, between getting the children to wind down and getting them into bed and doing a little clean up and getting myself ready for bed and watching a movie with dh, it was 1:30am before I went out to make a last hopeful check before unplugging the chickens light. Wouldn’t you know it, sure enough, there was an egg! At the bottom of the coop this time. It had been pecked at again but mostly out of curiousity because it wasn’t completely broken open nor a little eaten like last time. So, with too big work glove fingers, I tried picking it up. (Soft shelled so it split open pretty easily.) It completely came open then and the whites and yolks (it was a double yolker!) slid out unbroken. Oh, they were pretty! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The chickens were all hovering around at this point and when they saw what I was doing, they almost seemed possessive of it and started pecking at my hand and trying to get at the rest of the egg. So, while fending them off from it with one hand, I had to try to reach around the door and side of the coop and grap my garden trowel that I have been using to clean out the nest boxes so I could scoop up the egg. 5 against one – not fair! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, I just managed to reach it with my fingertips and knock it down where I could get it better and then got it out of there as fast as I could still unbroken. It was so nice looking!! But definitely not edible again…by humans anyway. I carried it in to the garage and put it in a bowl for the cats. Our white one was there but he turned up his nose at it!! Silly cat. Must not have been hungry… Our tabby wasn’t there. Off hunting I guess which means he’d probably be hungry if he didn’t get anything. (He was in the garage this morning and when I showed him the bowl he turned his nose up too! But, I scooped a bit onto the tip of a pen cap and smeared it on his lips. Licking it off, he realized how yummy it was and then proceeded to lap up most of it up.) I gave the chickens a bit of food and water, gave them a few minutes to finish and then unplugged their light and went to bed.

So, when she (which ever one it is) lays another, it will probably be Thanksgiving night…hopefully earlier than these past two times. I think it’s the “Araucana” because it was a very very pale green again.

I hope that she’s giving the others a “bright idea”!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰