Everything went great! Urine test for everything perfect. 🙂 No heartbeat with the fetalscope…but with the doppler it was 160 again. Appt. again next Thurs. at 11am. I’m as sure as I can be that the original date is right but they have to be sure. The law says they have a 2 week window on either side of a woman’s due date when they can assist delivery. If it goes over the two weeks, whether early or late, they are require to refer the woman to an OB. There would be a 4 week difference for my lmp so that’s why the concern. So, I’m either 17 weeks (tomorrow) or 21. Next week, I’ll either be 18 or 22. If the fetalscope can pick up the heartbeat, that will help determine which. Like I said though, I think my original date is the more acurate one.

Oh, and I forgot to add that my blood pressure is still a little high. Not as bad as last week but that’s because I did my vacuuming more in advanced. At any rate, they want me to lie down 45 min. before they get here next week and keep a food diary. It could be food related and if so controled that way. One possibility is Hawthorne tincture.