Since the last time I gave a Snow Report, we have gotten a couple of dustings. Approx. 1/2 – 3/4 inches added together I estimate. So, that brings…

Total accumulation to 19 inches

…I’ll say.

Last night, it warmed up again. Around 10pm the eves started dripping and what little snow on the deck there was started to melt. This Yo-yo weather is aggrivating. Make up your mind already! I’m thankful on one hand because it means the chickens are more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about frostbite for them. One the other hand, these Chinooks bring high winds. While we’ve only lost power a couple of times for an hour or two each time, they are aggrivating in other ways. Things blow away if the children are forgetful and leave stuff out, it shakes the house and rattles things (like the damper in the fireplace) and we can’t have a fire in the fireplace because the down drafts are too bad and the house fills with smoke. Whatever snow there is, melts and everything turns to glare ice so that even walking to the car is a trick. I guess since I’m a homebod the last one doesn’t bother me too much because I rarely go anywhere…but I worry about my husband driving around during the day. At this point though, “town” probably doesn’t have any snow left!

Ready for more whining?! 😉 Yesterday we didn’t get the predicted egg. According to my very “Cheechaco” (that’s like a “Greenhorn” for you in the South 😉 ) calculations, we could have expected an egg Thanksgiving night. I diligently unplugged the light at 9pm to prevent a late egg and force holding it over to Friday. All day yesterday nothing. It could have partly been caused by their bulb burning out in the midafternoon and it not being replace ’til dh got home in the evening. At any rate, I then left the light on until 11:48pm to make up some time but the ellusive egg never appeared. Those chickens sure have been in heaven though with all the scraps the last few days. Whenever that egg does show, it should be a tasty one! 😉 I’ll head out as soon as I’m done here to plug the light in and start making my 1/2 hour checks. I think I’d better make the time periods short today until we (me and the girls) get this one figured out. 😛 I suppose too while today is warm that I should make it “coop cleaning day.” Bleh. It’s pretty icky… Speaking of icky, I noticed our “Araucana” had some mucous come out of her nose last night. Great. I quit the apple cider vinegar after a three days or so as I thought I noticed inprovement in the other. I guess I’ll have to start it up again. I’ve kept up the “poop checks” though and haven’t seen what I would recognize as blood (worried about it being Coccidiosis)…any info you can share Marysue?

On a happier note, I do want to say that Thanksgiving was very pleasant and “quiet” this year. We had it at home this year with just my parents as the aunt and uncle we usually have it with made other plans. That was ok though. I had been wanting to stay home for holiday but had been feeling guilty. Our house is just not hospitable right now and we just couldn’t invite others to come celebrate here…although I know they love us and would say they don’t care. We care. We just aren’t set up in sooo many ways for hosting anything that we’d have a hard time relaxing and enjoying the time that it just wouldn’t be fun for anyone. BUT, my mother and me had a good time cooking with the girls and since we didn’t have to rush to get “dressed up”, be somewhere, etc. it was actually relaxing and fun. We ate a little after 3pm and then my parents had to scoot because my mother had to work very early the next morning with all those crazy “Black Friday” shoppers. 😛 I took a nap while my husband and children went out to the garage to rollerblade (the children not husband 😉 ) and have sword fights (dh participated in that 😉 ). I think I slept for a good solid 2 hours or a little more. Then, we all read and nibbled 😉 and played Kerplunk and then it was bed time for everyone. All in all, a very nice day! 🙂

8am – Off to start my day now. A blessed weekend to all of you! 🙂