I was sharing this info somewhere else online today and thought I’d go ahead and quickly post it here too. I realize that many of you that read here and leave comments (I’m familiar enough with most of you 😉 ) probably already do something similar during this time. This is for those who don’t and want to know more.

This is our first year celebrating Advent as I said in a previous post here a couple of days ago. Primarily, we are using info from this site:

Christian Resource Institute

It is from a Wesleyan theological perspective if that is a concern to you. That’s not our denomination; however, I found their pages to be simplie yet very informative. This one explains what Advent is nicely:

The Christian Season of Advent: Anticipation and Hope

This page has the daily readings we will be doing:

Advent Daily Reading: 2004

I really want to keep things simple while learning and beginning to incorporate this new tradition. While I had thought I only wanted to do the wreath/candles and the readings and hymns this year, today I’m thinking I might do the Jesse tree also. If I can squeeze it in this afternoon, we will. If not, we’ll wait until next year. Here is the page explaining the Jesse Tree:

The Jesse Tree: Celebration of Advent (A great way to get children inparticular involved!)

Here are a couple more pages, from a Reformed perspective (ours!), that I like too:

Jesse Tree Devotions – RCA site
Jesse Tree Texts and Symbols – RCA site

Both of the above (together) are focusing on teaching children. Although, adults will benefit by being reminded to slow down and keep our attention during this busy season on Him!

Now, off to finish some chores so we can try to squeeze in the Jesse Tree activities…

I hope the above will be a blessing to those who want to grow and celebrate this season in ways that honor our Lord more! 🙂