3 !!!

Of the 5 chickens, 2 of them still have bright(er) combs/wattles.

2 of the 3 eggs were cold when I found all of them a 1/2 hr. ago. (I’ve been “freshing” the coop, etc. in that time.) The third was warmish…laid within 20 min. or less of finding I’d guess. I think it was Black Beauty’s again as it would fit the pattern of last time and was the same shape/size basically as her last one. Plus, she has the faintest comb/wattle right now. The last time I was out there was around 9:30am…so laying accured between 10am-2pm (I went out the second time at 2:15pm). Here’s the scenerio as I see it:

Reins – light green, soft shelled, cold, time – ?

Fluff – light brown, hard shelled, cold, time – ?

Black Beauty – light brown, hard shelled, warmish, time – approx. 2pm

Miriam and Lacey still have bright red combs/wattles.

So, I’d be really surprised to have 5 eggs today (because it would be a first and maximum output!)…but then again not based on the last two’s “coloring.”

I do really hope it happens!!! 😀

I really wasn’t expecting any today because, as you can see in the Mini-Report in the right column, the pattern had been every third day. I’m really pleased though to have it moved up to the second! 😀

That’s 5 eggs in a week’s time! (The 21rst – 27th being the first week, yesterday starting another.) That’s almost 1 egg/day. 😉 This second week has started off really good I’d say! On an every second day pattern with 3/day, that would be a possible 9! 1.29 eggs/day. 🙂 A total of 5 on each of those days is almost too exciting to contemplate! LOL

Right now, the chickies are all out in the pen taking a dust bath and enjoying themselves immensely! They are also still feasting on Thanksgiving scraps. 😉 Yesterday, they enjoyed leftover stuffing that the children just wouldn’t eat any more of and a piece of pumpkin pie that, again, everyone was tired of. Today, it’s “sour” cottage cheese, cranberry sauce and apple peels. 🙂

Now, after this 45 min. distraction, I need to get everyone back on track and try to get our Adven stuff done and some other school stuff. We are having a hard time getting out of “Thanksgiving-resting-mode”… 😛 Ah, the Holidays! 😉