If anyone is wondering if soft shelled eggs are safe to egg, here is some info:

What is Egg Shell Quality and How to Preserve It

The outer coating of the shell itself consists of a mucous coating called the cuticle or bloom which is deposited on the shell just prior to lay.This protein like covering helps protect the interior contents of the egg from bacteria penetration through the shell.

The thickness of an egg shell is determined by the amount of time it spends in the shell gland (uterus) and the rate of calcium deposition during egg shell formation. If the egg spends a short period of time in the shell gland, then shell thickness will be less.

Microbiological contamination of the inside of the egg is greatly affected by the ability of the egg shell to stop the invasion of micro-organisms and bacteria from entering the egg through the shell’s pores.

I gave yesterday’s sse to the cats again…I just wasn’t going to take any chances. One cat was more interested than the other but this time it was the white and not the tabby…and he only lapped up the yolk! What’s the deal cats??? 😛