now I think with things I was going to post over the last couple of days. There’s a bit to read and if you want it in chronological order you’ll have to scroll down until you get to 11/30/04 and read “up”. I’m sure you all can figure it out though. 😉 LOL

Again, on Wed. (12-1) the server was down and I couldn’t accesss any of our pages. Yesterday, I was planning on updating in the evening but I had spent about an hour out in the shed in the later afternoon looking for some more of our Christmas stuff. Boy! I was wiped out! My hip had been bothering me a bit in the morning so after that it was “killing” me and my lower back was out too. Ugh. I did find the Christmas tree though…but…Murphy’s Law you know. It’s at the bottom at the very back and there’s no way for me to pull it out! I did unstack and restack the boxes on my way to it but that only left enough room for me to squeeze through so even dh won’t be able to get it out unless he removes al those boxes from the shed…and I seriously doubt he’ll want to do that. So, no tree for us this year…unless we go get a fresh tree. While that would be a nice thing and I’d like too…I also don’t want to. Don’t want to spend the time or money. We have a mini-tree that we set on the dining table sometimes so that will have to suffice.

Anyway, that’s why I didn’t update last night. Just too tired and hurting. Managed to get everyone dinner and off to bed after some time of reading and that was it. I read in bed for a while but I wasn’t much into it and mostly laid there thinking until I drifted off.

I’m feeling much better this morning though…slept in until 8am so that helped too. I haven’t done much this morning either. Quiet time and computer time and some reading. The children slept late too…straggled up between 9:30 and 10am. So, they’ve all had some quiet reading time too. Nearly everyone is dress…I’ve been waiting for the bathroom to be free while typing all these updates…or is it, while I was typing all these updates everyone else had the advantage to use the bathroom before me. 😉 Either way, there is one child in the bathtub that I have to get out so I can have a shower and then I’ll be dresse too. Wow – and before Noon even! LOL

So, a sloooow snowy Friday here at the Hunt’s house. I’m glad things aren’t generally like this though. While it’s been nice to relax, I’m now getting antsy to get things done. School namely. Which, I’m sure, won’t be as much as I’d like because the children will want to make it a “Snow Day.” Maybe I’ll just take the whole day off…or work on some craft projects that have been laying around waiting to be finished. Oh, I don’t know… First things first. Shower. Eat. Then, I’ll take it from there! LOL