Oh my! The egg today from Reins is huge! Definitely bigger than the large commercial eggs we have left in the fridge. And, although it’s been a while since I’ve bough extra-large eggs, I’m sure it’s bigger than those too! The carton wouldn’t even close…I had to lay it over at an angle.

I noticed a bunch of cackling about 5-10 min. before 7pm which had, after I thought of it, been going on for several minutes before that. So, I bundled up and went out to check. We hadn’t had eggs all morning or afternoon so I wasn’t really expecting anyway… Wow! Was I surprised when Reins stood up when I opened the coop door! I’ve read interesting accounts of big eggs like this…an egg inside an egg, etc. Anyway, the stats:

Reins – 1 green, very warm/still sitting on it, hard, size – JUMBO, time – 6:40pm (approx.)