We had an appt. for the midwives to visit at 11am. Since it had been snowing since late the night before, I wasn’t surprised when they didn’t show up until 11:30am. There wasn’t much snow (relatively speaking) at this point but with the combined rain from the day before, I’m sure road conditions here and there weren’t good…

Anyway, all is going very well! I didn’t actually lay down for the 45 min. they wanted me to though. Dh had to leave about 10:30am and a mother of many children just doesn’t get much of a break…especially when it’s mid-morning and they are all raring to go! So, about 10:45am, I laid down hoping they would be a little late (little did I know πŸ˜‰ ), so I could squeeze in as many minutes as possible. About 10:55am I noticed much cackling and I ran out to check for an egg (which I’ll report on later). At 11am, I laid on the couch again hoping again for as many minutes as possible. Luckly, there was a decent show on PBS so I was able to lay down relatively undisturbed the whole half hour until the midwives arrived.

Blood pressure was just fine. πŸ˜‰ Heard Baby’s heartbeat with the doppler, still couldn’t hear it with the fetalscope although Baby was specifically located and it was directly atop him/her. Discussed dued date in relation to cycle, movement, etc. again. Although they didn’t measure with a tape, one was most sure I measure 20 wks because my fundus is at my ambilicous. (That’s fun to say! LOL) So, I’d either be 18 wks or 22 wks. We have agreed to go with my original dates because, although I felt Baby earlier than the norm, that’s generally the norm for *me* anyway and I just don’t *feel* like I’m 22 wks yet. Plus, I told them the end of last week and through the weekend I felt the growth spurt that would be making me measure ahead. I was extremely tired and felt oh so “heavy”…like I had a bunch of sandbags hanging off me. (Now, I feel fine again. πŸ˜‰ Except my hip is giving a lot of grief on occasion…but that’s another post.) So, we are still on for the first week of May. πŸ™‚ That was it for the checkup (no urine tests, etc. this time) except for discussing paperwork, signatures, etc.

All is just great with Mama and Baby! PTL! πŸ˜€