12/06/04 (continued)

Reins – 1 green, very warm (gone a couple of minutes between checking & when I came back it was there), large, time – 9pm (grabbed it @ 9:03pm).

This was our first day getting 4 eggs! Hooray! Almost at full production! πŸ™‚


Miriam – 1 brown (actually reddish with white speckles!), very warm (kinda watched it laid – watched her “nesting”, went in @ 10:05am & came out again @ 10:10am & it was there. I think it was laid only a couple of minutes after I left. Came in with it @ 10:20am & it still had some undried bloom.), medium, time – 10:07am

With this egg, we achieved our 2nd Dozen! πŸ™‚ With this, I also verified that this pullet is indeed laying which I’m very happy about as I was concerned she wasn’t – being the oldest and all.

B.B. – 1 brown, very warm, medium, time – 6:25pm (Went out there when I heard cackling & she was just getting off the nest.)

? – 1 brown, medium, time – ? (Got it @ 8pm.)


Miriam (?) – 1 brown (actually reddish w/ white speckles again), warm, large, time- 12pm (approx.)

Reins – 1 green, very warm (came out w/in a couple of minutes of it being laid ’cause I heard cackling & saw her jump down off nest), large, time – 12:30pm

Lacey – 1 brown, very warm, medium, time – 12:40pm


? – 2 brown, cool, 1 small & 1 medium, time – between 10am – Noon

? – 1 brown, very warm, large, time – 12:25pm (Still some bloom drying – looks like one Miriam’s been laying.)

Reins – 1 green, cool, large, time – ?

Lacey – 1 brown, very warm, medium, time – 4:10pm (approx.)

WAHOO!!! Our first day with 5 eggs!!! Full production achieved!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

12/10/04 (Yesterday)

Miriam – 1 brown (reddish speckled), very warm, X-large, time – 1pm

B.B. – 1 brown, very warm, medium, time – 1:10pm

Fluff – 1 brown, very warm (watched it laid), large, time – 2:16pm

Reins – 1 green, very warm, X-large, time – 4:45pm

Lacey – 1 brown, cool, large, time – 5pm (?) (She was close to laying when I did an egg check but then went in a got too busy to check again w/ dinner, bedtime and all. Watched a movie too so didn’t remember until midnight to check and that’s when I found it.)

HOORAY again!!! Our second day with 5 eggs!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

(ps – still have to share a pic of the X – huge egg we got a while back…)