I’ve been remiss about being here. 😦

I have several things in my head that I need to get out before I forget so this will be a conglomorated post.


Mostly I’m here because I need to be online for an extended time reloading and fixing dh’s store. (I’m “killing time” while the downloading/ftp works it’s magic. 😉 ) Our server switched to a new system and some things were a little haywire with the store site. I attempted to fix things and messed them up further. So, I’m reinstalling everything to get it back “online” asap. Hopefully, I won’t have to start completely from scratch and can use the database that’s started. If not… >:-( I’ll have to reimput everything. Not what I want to be doing right now…oh the time it will take. Bleh. But, I’ll face it *if* it happens. Thinking positively and hoping for the best. 🙂

All I want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth!!!

I feel really bad not mentioning this until now…

Our third daughter lost her FIRST 2 TEETH on 12/10/04!!! 😀 It really was exciting for her and us although not announcing it ’til now makes it seem like we weren’t. Dh took pictures and I was waiting until I could upload and share them. I finally took the time…and none of them were good. All were blurry. In a couple of the best, she looks like quite…uhm…”wild.” Wild hair (it was late and they were ready for bed so I didn’t think to have her brush it) and a ferocious smile. I know they were only having a good time…but, really, the pictures are unbecoming (and blurry) so I won’t be posting them. Luckily, the big teeth aren’t really showing just yet so I’ll take some new pictures to document the occasion better. Maybe I’ll post them… It was actually a long wait for her as both her sisters lost their first ones at 5yrs (she’s 6)…poor girl. At any rate – Hooray for C.!!! What a big girl now!!! 😀

Caroling Party

We had a very nice time this past Sunday at Uncle H. and Aunt P.’s house for their annual caroling party. They’ve down scaled the guest list over the years and I find I relax and enjoy myself more now. I’m really not a “crowd” person…”more the merrier” just doesn’t cut it for me. 😉 Mostly family and close friends of theirs (which are “family friends to all of us even if we only see them at times like this because they are invited to the “important” events). I think I talked of this last year… They ar wonderful host/hostess and cook and everything is always wonderful! 🙂

Crazy Weather!!! (includes Snow Report 😉 )

I can’t believe this weather!!! We’re having a Chinook again! It is nearly 46° F and the eaves are running like crazy again! We had 4 1/2 inches of snow this past Sunday ’til the wee hours Monday morning. It tried to snow a bit last night as things warmed up but quickly turned to freezing rain. The winds are awful again! I’ll have to check their speed… Anyway, I was going to say, “Total **ACCUMULATION**” again but can’t…it’s *not* accumulating! 😉 So…

Total Snow FALL : 38 1/2 inches!

(We’ve finally hit the 3 ft mark!)

We had an earthquake yesterday morning about 8:20am. Funny how if you are in tune, you can sense them coming. I don’t know how strong it was or where it was located (the ignorance of not reading the paper or watching tv! 😉 )but I do know that I am always on the verge of “flight” when they occur. Ready to grab the children and run for cover. Not in a hysterical way but calm and logical. They are a fact of life here and one gets “used” to them. But, a “big” one could hit again and one needs to be cautious. 🙂

I’ll come back again later with a few more things. 🙂