whatever it is!!

Since going into Sat. was so messed up and we didn’t really get rolling around here ’til afternoon with things we had to do (plus a few breaks to feed those who were still able to eat and for those still recovering to rest ie – me!), we had another laaate night. I was just getting ready for bed at 1:55am when I heard “the sound” and called for dh as I was too “immodest” to come to the rescue. He didn’t hear and I heard it again and called louder but this time I was ready too and we both it the hall and the children’s bedroom at the same time…in time to watch a third “bout” from our dear little C. (dd#3). Ugh. 😦 This time it was all on one blanket so dh balled that up and threw it in the garage while I helped C. clean up her hair a bit. Ended up in bed around 2:15am so all in all it was a quick turn around this time.

Anyway, this is what we accomplished (for our records not necessarily your interest πŸ˜‰ ):

* Bathroom thoroughly cleaned.
* Completely cleaned out the chicken pen.
* Tree taken down and packed away.
* Ornaments packed.
* Kitchen completely (not thoroughly πŸ˜‰ ) cleaned.
* Started and got half way through a small crochet project.
* Bathed 3 girls and 1 boy.
* Some business computer work. (Although, nothing was really figured out… :roll:)

We had already decided church wouldn’t be a good idea. Not a lot got done again as we slept in, dh cooked breakfast while I took a bath and the children opened/played with a few things left over from Christmas. Then, late in the afternoon we listened to a D.W. sermon. I was miserable all day with a “kinked” upper back/neck and a horrendous headache. Bad vibes reigned all round and it wasn’t a great day. I tried resting in bed before dinner while dh went to the store for a few things. I had finally found the right arrangement for myself and I could feel the pain subsiding just when he got home. He went ahead and started dinner with the help of the children and then called for me to come slice tomatoes or some such. What a chore to get out of bed… My hip is really bothering me too and I could barely stand. Hobbled my way out there though, cut up some things and then we all ate. Big mistake (again!) for one of us… Finally had everyone in bed a bit earlier this time around 10:30pm. Dh went immediately to bed but was reading. I sat on the couch for a while in a very aligned pose and tried to relax. Again, just as I was getting ready for bed (WHAT is it with that??? Do they all have mental telepathy or what???) one of the girls hollered that Q. was throwing up again!! Poor little thing. This all started nearly a week ago with him being the first one. 😦 His crib was a complete mess. Dh wisked him out of it and on the way to the bathroom the poor little fella threw up again. He was shaking something awful so dh pulled off his shirt, I wrapped him in the sweater I had been wearing and while dh took the crib out of the room to wash it in the shower (it’s a “portacrib”) I snuggled on the couch with Q. to get him warm and back to sleep. Since I was in a desperate amount of pain by now, dh gave up our bed to me and Q. since I need room and stillness and Q. didn’t have anywhere else to go and we wanted to have him close to one of us anyway. What a night. Q. twitched and moaned bringing me fully awake more times than I could count. I couldn’t get comfortable and my head pounded away. Finally, in the wee hours, Q. and I finally fell in to deep sleep but I had a horrid vivid dream (typical for me in pregnancy :-P) that woke me and then I was back to tossing and turning.

So, is that all? NO! Slept/Dozed fitfully in again ’til 10am when eldest son’s thunking morning walk told me he was up to use the bathroom. I got up and turned this computer on and just as I was beginning to type this VERY loud quick thunking steps told me dh was on his way to the bathroom…and you can guess what happened I’m sure. πŸ™„ Yep. He’s had a nice (not! of course) bout of puking himself!!

When will it end?!? 😦

So, I have no idea what is on our agenda for today. I’m going to finish typing this (and a couple of other things) and stand in the middle of a very messy kitchen and contemplate I guess. My upper back and neck are still not right but my head doesn’t hurt as much. I’m afraid if I try to do too much I’ll be “down for the count” again. Please pray for all of us! To get well and back on a decent track with everything. I’m feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed at the moment… Hopeful too at the same time – it can only get better right?! πŸ˜‰ Ugh. Still, it all is so “messed up” right now… The house, our health, the finances, etc. What a load. πŸ˜• Anyway, please pray that things (whichever ones…) can get straightened out quickly…