* I’ve gathered, rinsed and washed all the pukey laundry from the last two days.

I discovered a few more missed pieces down there in the laundry area. Plus, since all the sick laundry has been tying up the washer and drier, I have a ton of regular laundry.

* I’ve showered and fed (yes, I gave in 😉 ) the toddler some bread and water.

* While I was in the shower, the girls folded and put away a bunch of bath towels (yup, they had piled up with everyone sick and bathing), kitchen towels, etc. and blankets.

Actually, not all of them can be put away as we have a dinky linen closet so when dh is feeling a bit better, I’ll find a place to stack them in the guestroom-turned-our room.

* The chickens have been fed and watered.

We are almost out of straw so I wasn’t able to put much in their pen or carrier/nesting box. It’s amazing how much that stuff actually absorbs because, although I cleaned it out Sat., it’s more of a mess in a short amount of time then it would have been had I been able to put down a good layer. Plus, for some reason they did a bunch of pooping in the carrier… So, I’ll have to get out there and at least clean that out and put the last of the straw in it so the eggs won’t be so messy when I bring them in.

* I gave all the other children 1/2 of an apple. I’ve gave in on them too.

I think now I’ll let everyone rest while and have our read-aloud time. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten to making new lesson plans… It’s a good thing we devour “living books” so there’s still some learnin’ and/or edifin’ goin’ on. 🙂