I should make a seperate category for this since I’m tracking it… I’ve left it “general” as in it’s a “general” topic of conversation generally for people… 🙄

We are having another Chinook!!! Crazy! The wind kicked up and the temp rose to 44°F last night/this morning!!! Snow is completed melted off the railing and deck again and gone from under the huge spruce near the shed where I put the chickens for their “breaks” from the coop last fall. The driveway is a sheet of ice and dh was saying with the thin layer of ice on the roads yesterday, how “trecherous” driving would be today. Maybe it’s a good thing he’s sick and staying off the roads…?! 😕

So, anyway, that’s the Snow Report…it’s actually a rain report now because I just noticed it is indeed raining just as the Accuweather indicator to the right says. Just saw a truck try to stop and turn around in the road across the street which ended up missing the turn, sliding sideways and having to turn around in the road.

What a mess EVERYTHING seems to be… 😕