That’s me. Quiz borrowed from Marysue.

You are a Concrete Sequential thinker. You are
Accurate, Dependable, Factual, Conventional,
Stable, Consistent, and Organized.

You do your best when: Applying ideas in a
practical way, Organizing, Fine-tuning ideas to
make them more efficient and economical,
Producing concrete products from abstract
ideas, and Working within time limits.

You do not do well when trying to: See the big
picture, Work in groups, Discuss with no
specific point, Work in a disorganized
environment, Answer questions with no right or
wrong answers.

You prosper when: Working systematically, Paying
close attention to detail, Knowing what’s
expected of you, Establishing routines, Having
literal communication, Seeing tangible rewards.

What style of thinking are you?
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More or less me anyway. I remember taking these types of things in high school. It isn’t “cut and dry” for me…all comes down to percentages. The exact stats have escaped my brain now…but one thing being almost as high as another makes me a strong “combo” of something it will take too long (at the moment) to dredge up. Anyhow, this is the “nutshell” version I suppose… I really want dh to take a personality test or two. Might explain some “whys” around here and how we try to work together. 🙄