01/05/05 1 (brown)

01/06/05 2 (brown)

01/07/05 3 (2 light brown – Lacey and BB, 1 brown – Fluff) Finally! 😀

01/08/05 0 😦

01/09/05 4 ! (2 light brown, 1 brown, 1 large red brown – Miriam) 😀

01/10/05 3 (brown)

01/11/05 3 (brown)

01/12/05 3 (brown)

I’m getting kind of worried about Reins (the green layer). She hasn’t laid in almost 2 wks. 😦 About that time, some changes occured that threw them all off…as the egg numbers reveal. The temps dropped a lot and dh started pulling the ‘Burban into and out of the garage at least twice per day blasting the chickens with not only frigid air but loud rumbling noises! Then, their feed had run out and dh forgot to pick some up for two days running leaving them just on minimal scraps. When he did remember, it was a different brand. Doesn’t look as “nice” to me and comes in a plain white bag…no info about it what-so-ever. He was told it was the same thing and being in a hurry didn’t think about/argue the point. You could tell the chickens knew it was different and were a little thrown by that too. Then, around the same time period, the light above them burned out (the last of the 3 incandescent) and, although there were other bulbs still burning, it kind of left them in shadow…especially when the ‘Burban was/is parked in there. After asking dh to change the bulb for two, three days running, he remebered and reminded me that I could just plug in the flourescent lights he has set up above some work benches over near them. (He had them on when the bulb burned and I was oblivious to them so when he unplugged them after working I didn’t think there was *any* light out there…) So, with that and a couple flourescent overand above by the man door, they have light but the whole garage just isn’t as bright as it used to be.

*BIG sigh*

Anyhow, I’m worried she’ll become “egg-bound”… I wouldn’t be if she hadn’t been the best layer nor if she hadn’t laid such LARGE eggs! Off to read more about it…