25 weeks today! 3.5 more months to go…and boy do I feel it already! 😉 My age is starting to show I think…

This little one sure is active though! Reminds me a lot of our first child as she was really energetic in utero also. This one likes the soft belly button area too just like she did. Oooo, that’s such an odd feeling! Very, very sensitive on me. Our first child would continually stick her elbow or knee or foot right directly behind my belly button and push and poke unmercifully! 😉 This one has on a couple of occasions and I’ve had to literally push back with both hands quite hard until it gave up the area…several minutes later and when I’m finally in bed for the night!!

Funny thing…oldest dd was so active in the womb but is a typical oldest child and can be quite calm and still. Second dd was comparatively “quiet” in utero and is far from it now! The others have been varying degrees between the two and still are on the “outside.” 😉 But, the two oldest get along really well and are “pals”…makes it kind of hard for our 3rd dd but now that she’s getting older (and knowing more what her sisters know), things seem to be balancing out. I’m really thankful for that. 🙂 Of course, the boys are boys and as the younger one gets older the two of them are more “chummy” now too. Before, dd3 and oldest son kind of banded together. She’s kinda too bossy (to him) though for me to let them play together for extended periods so that makes me even happier that things are balancing out with her sisters. Either one of them play together with her well now. I mean, they always have, but now it’s more closely “relating” to one another rather than an older “entertaining” a younger…they interact now on a different level. More girl to girl rather than girl to baby or toddler or even preschooler. Interesting thing – family dynamics. I didn’t experience any of this as I was an only child. As a mother, I’m fascinated and encouraged. 🙂

Well, what started as a “baby update” turned into a reflection on *all* my children. It will be just as fascinating to see how this new wee one fits into the equation once he/she shows his/her beautiful little face. 🙂

I’m really conscious of the time winding down as I have a lot to accomplish, particularly in the way of this house, before I’m entirely too big to do so. At least, relatively comfortably and safely… I’m already feeling ackward with some of my general household chores. 😛