26 weeks today! The more I keep track, the faster it seems to go! LOL One more week and I’ll begin the last trimester!

I’m definitely feeling this little one’s size now. Another big Hunt baby…all of the girls have been above 8 lbs., all the boys above 9 lbs. They haven’t gotten increasingly bigger as the “theory” goes necessarily. With the girls, oldest was largest, middle was smallest, youngest was in between those two. Boys, yes, did go up…oldest was smallest, second was larger. So, I think gender will mostly determine the size and then depending on that we’ll see if it’s in the 8 or 9 lb. range. Genetics is so very interesting… I feel fortunate that my genes run on the smaller side – especially compared to dh’s family. Even the women are tall. 10, almost 11, pounders aren’t unusual apparently. While my midwife has assured me it’s head circumference not size that makes a difference…it only makes sense that a larger baby would have a bigger head. 😉 Of course, I know she’s trying to be comforting…but my brain isn’t “tricked” easily! LOL

I’m increasingly uncomfortable…which goes without saying. 😉 Even in bed the last couple of nights, I couldn’t relax and be comfortable. That’s the pits. You so need rest…but it escapes you.

Am I complaining? No. I don’t take our “fertility” for granted…know many people who deal with the opposite…know some who have chosen abortion…know many with those on the verge of leaving the nest…know many whose children have been gone a long while…know some whose children have died in infancy and into childhood… Their life experiences aren’t lost on me. Embrace and savor the moment. Each little (and big!!) kick, each tug and pull and twist…are like soothing caresses to take with me through to the end of my life here on Earth. Each child born, a soul to potentially spend Eternity with. Knowing the enormity of that makes me strive the more so everyday to become more and more like my Savior…to whom I offer my comparitively small but overwhelming felt “thanks” for the opportunity…and for those who remind me of it every hour of the day!

This baby is so loved already…and while I’m not looking forward to that “ring of fire” :shock:…I’m (we) are definitely anticipating the day just a few short months from now when he or she shows us his or her beautiful little face! 😀