Woke up to the furnace out at about 5:30am this morning. It’s exactly 10° F outside so that makes it darn right nippy in here. Thinking of visiting the chickens for a while in the garage…sure feels toasty out there! 😉 At the moment, I’m drinking some miso soup to warm up a bit and don’t want to mix chicken smells in with that. :sick: Needless to say, we weren’t in too much of a hurry to jump out of bed this morning but I was finally forced to by my hips. Dh wants me to get him up in a few minutes so he can start fiddling with the furnace. I think I’ll let the children lounge around in their beds for as long as they want (when they wake) reading, etc. No sense trying to do much else until it’s warmer. 🙄

With that, I’m going to go huddle in a blanket and sip on my soup more…my fingers are pretty stiff already.